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RSD Eagles Youth Rugby Club

The Eagles Youth Rugby Club was established in 2012 in order to promote the love for rugby amongst the youth. The rugby club was developed due to concerned parents that identified a lack of interest and involvement in youth rugby in the East of Pretoria. The passion of these parents lead to the establishment of the Eagles Youth Rugby Club.

The Eagles Rugby Club decided to partner with R Skills and Development Pretoria as RSD is currently the biggest youth rugby development program in South Africa and can contribute widely to the sustainability and development of youth rugby in the East of Pretoria. The rugby club will from now on be known as RSD Eagles Youth Rugby Club.

The main aim and focus of RSD Eagles Rugby Club is not only to develop a love and passion for the game of rugby but also to contribute to the comprehensive development of the players in order for them to develop to their full potential according to their abilities.

The mission of the RSD Eagles Youth Rugby Club is to promote healthy competition through constant skill development and structured game time.

We are proud to announce that our vision to have our own facilities by 2020 has become a reality in 2017. Woodhill College will be the official home of the RSD Eagles Youth Rugby Club.

Join US

Primary School (0/8-0/13)

R 850 per season (includes rugby shorts and t-shirt)


High School (0/14-0/19):

R 850 per season (includes rugby shorts and t-shirt) + R70 (rugby socks)


Contact Us


Lee Minnie
Tel: 083 556 5731


Martin van Tonder
Tel: 082 6226 290 
Email: martin@rsdeaglesrugby.co.za


Phillip van Coller
Tel: 082 404 9735
Email: phillip@rsdeaglesrugby.co.za


Office Nr: 063 790 6046


Banking Details:

RSD Eagles Rugby Klub

Savings Account
Account Nr: 928 495 6684
Ref: Age group (Example: 0/10) + Name/Surname
Amount: R850

Provisional coaching times:

For more information please download our RSD EAGLES APP
See Brochure below to see how

Age Group Representatives

0/8 – Chris Schutte
Cell: 072 102 6979
Email: chrisschutte79@gmail.com

0/9 – Quintin
Cell: 082 464 5894
E-mail: quinton@elgaweb.co.za

0/10 – Freddy Roberts
Cell: 082 416 6939
Email: waterkloof@dros.co.za

0/11 – Chris Engelbrecht
Cell: 076 192 7607
E-Mail: chris@rsd4kt.co.za

0/12 – Franz Bulow
Cell: 072 377 0023
Email: franz.bulow@gmail.com

0/13 – Craig Hezlett
Cell: ‭+27 (82) 878-9132‬
Email: craig.hezlett@gmail.com

0/14 – Lee Mienie
Cell:‭+27 (83) 556-5731‬
Email: leemienie@icloud.com

0/15 – Rudi Beukes
Cell: ‭(076) 175-6726‬
Email: rudman8@therugby.co.za